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Sermons from 2014

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13th December 2014 Ottakal Chackochen

Be Selfish

6th December 2014 Simba Muhau

Dance With My Father Again

6th December 2014 Simba Muhau

Limping Leaning Israel

29th November 2014 Junior Gittens

Mind The Gap

22nd November 2014 Chev Charles

Who Are You?

8th November 2014 Errol Gayle

A Call For Practical Christianity

11th October 2014 Tapiwa Mandeya

A Genuine Love Song To My Beloved

4th October 2014 Ottakal Chackochen

The Days Of Josiah

27th September 2014 Bekezela Nyoni

The Great Commandment

20th September 2014 Sis Campbell

Passport and Visa

13th September 2014 Sam Davis

Let's Go Down To Timnath

13th September 2014 Sam Davis

The Foundations Of A Happy Home

12th September 2014 Sam Davis

Abigail, Woman of Wisdom

10th September 2014 Sam Davis

Adam, Where Are You?

9th September 2014 Sam Davis

Family In Peril

8th September 2014 Sam Davis

Possess The Land

7th September 2014 Sam Davis

Battle For Kids

6th September 2014 Ottakal Chackochen

Who Do You Think You Are?

30th August 2014 Cedric VIne

Two Good Gospels

23rd August 2014 Blessmore Nyathi


2nd August 2014 Ottakal Chackochen

A Peculiar People

24th May 2014 Takula Chijota

Preparation & Nurturing

17th May 2014 Raymond Marius

Rough Justice

10th May 2014 Karen Jarrett

Seven Lessons From A Queen Of Hospitality

29th March 2014 Regina Ncube

Freedom High Price Tag

25th January 2014 Frederick Adero

All I Want Is A New Begninng

18th January 2014
Bekezela Nyoni

The Gospel Of The Kingdom

11th January 2014 Ottakal Chackochen

The Sin Of Jeroboam

4th January 2014 Errol Gayle

Return To Bethel