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  • Please pray for my husband Sharath's salvation. He walked away from Christ, away from our marriage and started worshiping idols (Hinduism). But God has promised me that He will lead him to repentance and use him and me in His work. All I can see is things getting worse, but I walk by faith and not by sight. I would really appreciate if you would merge your faith with mine and petition God with one accord for my husband's deliverance. God has promised to restore every thing I lost, so I'm waiting patiently. Also, few of my family members and friends are sick, please pray for their healing. God bless you all for your ministry. I grant you permission to forward my message to every prayer warrior you know. Thank you so much. Blessings! Sheela
    Sheela Sharath - Jan 04 2021
  • Please pray that I may have a strong immune system and healing from painful hip bursitis,right side,due to a fall. Thank you and God bless you.Sid Nelson Alabama
    Sid Nelson - May 15 2020
  • I love my wife (A.L.) but it seems she takes pleasure in tearing me down sometimes. Her mood is dark and a great day can shift rapidly. She seems to like bringing up old hurts or my perceived failings from the past and lingering on them at length. Please pray for her healing as she's anxious and jittery and unable to sleep. I also don't appreciate the apparent cruelty. Please also pray for our marriage and personal protection. (I also need a lot of help from God).
    e l - Apr 22 2020
  • Hi This is a very urgent and important prayer request. My husband and I have recently seprated. Please pray with me that God would bring us back together. I do not want to be seperated nor do I want a divorce. I love my husband deeply. I am willing to do anything to save our marriage, may prayer is that God would create a willing heart in my husband. I stand on God's promise ask and you shall receive because being seprated or getting a divorce is not in God's will! Also, I ask God to give me faith and forgive my unbelief. Thank you so much Marin
    M Vd berg - Jan 30 2020
  • Hi My fiancee Charlotte has left me. I love her with all Of my heart. Please pray for us and that we Will be reunited again if its Gods will. Thanks in advance. Regards, Toby
    Toby - Jan 07 2020
  • Bless Filiberto with a Teradruple portion of the HOLY SPIRIT, and Bless Filiberto above and beyond his imagination.
    - Nov 18 2019
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters: Greetings! I am Norman Arga, a Seventh-day Adventist and a Filipino citizen. I am pleased to write you today in order to humbly ask your help and prayer regarding my wife intention to apply as nurse here in England. My wife's name is Sherlyn and she is a registered nurse. We have a seven-year-old daughter whose name is Thea. I am 42 years old and she is 38 years old. I have a degree in business and education. My wife is a Seventh-day Adventist also and a registered nurse with more than eight years of experience both here in the Philippines and abroad. There was an incident in which she was almost kidnapped and abducted in Saudi Arabia by a stranger who pretended as their hospital driver. She is decided now apply for work here in England instead of returning to Saudi Arabia after her contract was finished. She is also praying to be able to work in a hospital or a Seventh-day Adventist family where she can be a nurse/caregiver or for any job available for her or for me. I also pray to find a job and to live there as a family with our daughter in the future. I hope and pray for your kind consideration on this matter. Your brother in Christ, Norman PS: Kindly let us know also if in case there is someone needs our service. We will undergo the legal process, we only need your guidance and assistance on this matter as we go on. My mobile number is +63 935 9889315.
    NORMAN ARGA - Apr 11 2019
  • I want to stop thinking about sex. I want to find my love here,I want her to be obedient to God with all her the heart., I constantly pray for her,I'll meet her soon for me there is no problem with what kind of skin she is I constantly pray to God to meet her soon
    hristo ivanov - Mar 11 2019