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Calling on Parents, Couples, Seniors and Youths. This Seminar is set to answer all your questions on many of the challenging facing families today.

Come and join this life changing seminar by Pastor Sam Davis.

The topics & times for each evening are

Sunday 7th September 7pm - 9pm Battle For Kids Click to listen
Monday 8th September 7pm - 9pm Possess The Land Click to listen
Tuesday 9th September 7pm - 9pm Family In Peril Click to listen
Wednesday 10th September       
7pm - 9pn Adam, Where Are You? Click to listen
Friday 12th September 7pm - 9pm Abigail, Woman of Wisdom Click to listen
Saturday 13th September 10am - 11am The Foundation Of A Happy Home Click to listen
Saturday 13th September 12am - 1pm Let's Go Down To Timnath Click to listen